Patrick Rhone

I’m having a hard time deciding a single person to do for my first Micro Monday recommendation. I may have to do a few…

Now, I just have to get to work.

There’s that point in the journey to every book I’ve published where, seemingly out of nowhere, it all “comes together”. Where I can finally see it as a thing in my head…

That happened yesterday.

An inportant update on my eldest’s trial (tl;dr Not guilty):…

Just to confirm: There’s still no way to get photos into Instagram from a WordPress based Microblog, only the other way around (which I currently do using IFTTT). Right?

Beatrix’s non-sequitur of the day, “Mommy may be the business manager at Circus but that picture on the banner on the bar over there looks like Jason.”

Here’s the latest letter I sent out to my tinyletter where I detail some of what’s going on with my eldest. It’s very long and deeply personal but some have asked for more detail.

Since sleep seems elusive to me these days, I was able to get back up and running last night. Going forward, this will be an info/professional site. I will no longer be posting to the blog there. I will blog solely at Rhoneisms

My first publicly published post since March 4th: Lived In and Loved

Now that I got unhacked, I’m considering breaking sabbatical and posting there regularly again, worried my inactivity made it a target.

Wow. Y’all have opinions about RSS readers/services. Thanks to all who weighed in.

MY fave feed reader (Minimal Reader is shutting down next month. Need to find a replacement. Sugestions welcome.

Seriously considering a project of only taking photos in B&W for an extended period of time (like, a year).

I filled my eyes with this today… #optoutside

I’m Mary Poppins, y’all!

Heading to Las Vegas for the Thansgiving holiday weekend. Seeing at least three Cirque shows and driving to the Grand Canyon on Saturday. Getting excited.

Darn it. Dealing with an infection of one or more of my sites. Grrr… Not how I planned to spend a Sunday.

Does your site have a philosophy.txt page? The Cramped does and I’m working on adding it to Rhoneisms and

FWIW: We generally travel for Thankgiving weekend. This year, we’re going to Las Vegas and seeing as many Cirque du Soleil shows as we can fit in.

We “celebrate” Thanksgiving by ignoring it almost completely but, for those that do it, this is a wonderful idea.