One of the rare instances where I post the same thing to both @whoatowow and @patrickrhone at the same time but it belonged both places.

From the pro choice rally today.

Geek update: I checked out both Ad Guard and 1Blocker and have chosen 1Blocker for now. Thanks for all the helpful suggestions.

Hey fellow geeks, what are we liking these days for ad blockers and other cruft removal on iOS?

A Personal Update

As you know, we were on our Summer Road Trip vacation last week. On Sunday night, before the final leg home, Beatrix came down with symptoms and tested positive for Covid 19. Bethany and I both had recent Covid bouts — hers at the end of May and mine just two weeks before our trip. We also had both recently received booster number two. We had already spent all of our time together in the car for 10 days and had a 10+ hour drive ahead of us so there was nothing we could do but drive.

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I’ve amended the Glacier shot post with a link to the full res version for anyone who wants to use it as a Desktop Picture.

Some of the favorite shots I take are the ones I like to call “Beatrix looking”.

Today: Fargo, ND ➡️ Billings, MT 🚘

Waiting for Dinner in White.

Thoughts running through my head…

  • This has to be the worst of it, right?
  • Shouldn’t I be feeling better by now?
  • It’s been so long, because I did the right things, maybe I just don’t remember what being sick is like.
  • Wait, if I did the right things, why am I sick now?

This sucks.