I hope this is OK: In leau of individual responses to the many folks who kindly rewached out about my iPhone SE conundrum, here’s an update… A dear friend, who I assume wishes anonyminty, will be gifting my Dad their former gen 1 SE. Thus, crisis averted and everyone wins!

Got a message from my carrier that my Dad’s old flip phone will stop working on the network soon due to “progress”. Giving him my current, beloved, 1st gen iPhone SE is the best available option. The Universe seems to be pushing me towards the new iPhone SE.

We’ll see…

At the suggestion of @macgenie, here is The Rhone eBook Collection. Digital versions of all of my currently available books plus, as a bonus, my first book which is not currently available anywhere else.

The Micro.blog Discover feed is such a place of joy. @macgenie does such a wonderful job curating it.

Also, an idea for a Men’s Big and Tall brand: BIg Sir

… I’ll see myself out now, thanks.

I have yet to update to Catalina. Still running Mojave. I always wait until tey anounce the next OS before upgrading to the current one. In fact, I may just stay with Mojave since I have no plans to get a new Mac. It’s in line with my “Amish Aproach” to technology.

Really feeling this right now: patrickrhone.com/2010/12/0…

Also, I look so much younger.

Not sure which has me feeling more …

For those looking to add Rhonecast to your favorite podcatcher, I’ve added the RSS link to do so to the bottom of the page: rhonecast.micro.blog

Just realized I forgot to add Lurking: How a Person Became a User to my reading list when I updated it this morning. Will fix in a bit.

Were going into month 3 since this social isolation pandemic thing and it only occurred to me after my trip to the co-op a few minutes ago that I could use my Apple Wallet almost everywhere to avoid having to touch the CC payment things.

I’m a bit slow.

Sometimes, I fantasize about taking a vow of silence or losing my voice and being forced to only listen.

I’m in a very exclamatory (!!!) mood today! But there’s just so much to be ! about!

Setting up a new MacBook Pro 13 inch for a client I adore my MacBook Air 11 inch and don’t see myself moving anytime soon but, if I did, this would be a nice Mac to move to

Updated my Now Page

Now Page Updated mainly to help me capture the crazy busy that is life is right now. So many balls in the air and still only two hands.

Speaking of intentional communities, one of my favorite and a more suscessful example is a suburb of Washington, DC: Tauxemont, VA

Finished reading my second book of 2020.

Up since 2am with a sick kid. She was vomiting off and on all night. No fever. Some sort of stomach bug… So, it’s not all house buying and property redevelopment around here.

Christmas Eve: Made lefse in the morning, cleaned the house, went out for drinks, purchased the house in the photo (Investment property; # 5 for those keeping score), back home, put the turkey in the oven, hosted eight for dinner, opened presents. You know, the usual.

For the record, I too am participating in Inktober.

For many reasons, I almost always wait many months to update to any OS. That said, I’m finding the direction of iPad OS compelling enough for me to consider installing it on my iPad mini 4.

Should I or hold off as normal? I welcome the thoughts of fellow nerds.

A little birdy (email) told me that one can get my favorite travel pants (or, trousers if you’re from the UK) can be had for only $60.00 if you use the code “NOMAD”. A great deal.

TFW: You leave your phone behind accidentally, and you experience a feeling of certain freedom, and you wonder why you don’t do it intentionally more often.

My 1907 Underwood No. 5 is writing letters today. It likes reasons to be used.

Would you like it to send you one?

Shoot me your address to patrick@patrickrhone.com today and it will.

I’m going to be in Ireland (North) at the end of August. I’m wondering if there’s a way I can order a SIM card ahead of time so I dont have to find a phone place once I arrive. Ideas and suggestions on that and anything else welcome.