To those that wish to subscribe in your favorite podcast app to @rhonecast, my new microcast, use this link. Thanks to @jw for the pointer.

Tickets booked for our Spring Break Trip, which I’m calling Beaches and Broadway. In Miami for April 1st to 4th, then to NYC for the 4th through the 8th. Hanging out on the beach and then seeing a bunch of Broadway shows. It’ll be a blast!

Question I’m pondering… Is a bloging network with a social media problem or a social media network with a blogging problem?

Not that there really is a problem with either in the context of Just being droll.

You know how dangerous the cold is when you hear they’re closing bars in Wisconsin for the day.

Thinking of taking my daily outfits posts I’ve been making to Instgram and spinning up a separate/hosted account to route those to as well. Just trying to come up with a good name.

Crazy idea of the day: In the same way that Sunlit is for Photos (and a good Instagram replacement) and Wavelength is for podcasting, there could be room for using the books tagmoji to make a dedicated book recommendation/review app ( i.e. an indieweb Goodreads).

Though it’s been a while since I’ve done it, it should still come as little surpise that the process of moving from my iPhone 5 to the iPhone SE is very slick.

“Here’ just stick these two things next to each other and magic happens.” slick.

Finally upgrading my iPad mini 4 to iOS 11 which I’ve waited this long to do becuase I did not want it to be out of OS/Feature sync with my iPhone 5 since my iPhone 5 could no run 11.

See how much I loved that phone?

Based on today’s Apple Event, probably time for for me to grab an iPhone SE before they all disappear.

We are OK. Just wading through all of the administrivia that goes along with a parent dying. Bethany was an only child and thus sole heir of the house, car, and a mountain of posssesions (he was kind of a horder). We have a lot to sift through.

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU to all who reached out yesterday. There were so, so, many and each and every one is very much appreicated. Bethany wanted me to send along her thanks too.

My wife boaught be a beautiful, comfortable, kilt today (a belated Fathers Day gift). Just a basic black wool. Had no idea I was a “kilt guy” until I put it on. She gave the major thumbs up. Kinda more than a bit into it now.

Also Twin Cities folks: Feel free to bring someone who may not be on to the Micro Meetup this Thursday, August 9 at Common Roots Cafe from noon to 1:30 pm. We can help explain/cajole/harangue/convince them and get them set up.

Twin Cities folks: There’s going to be a Micro Meetup this Thursday, August 9 at Common Roots Cafe from noon to 1:30 pm. I’m going to be there. @macgenie is going to be there. There will be a lot of there there. You should be there too.

Twin Cities Folks: @macgenie has scheduled a Micro Meetup for August 9 (Thurs.) at Common Roots Cafe from noon to 1:30 pm in the Common Room there. I’ll be there. You should be too. Let’s have some lunch and make some IRL connections!

Yay! I get to do a MicroMonday post. Haven’t done one in a while.

Y’all should follow my friend @jamesgowans. A good guy who I’ve known online for years and recently joined us here.

My lovingly distressed and battered iPhone 5… Slipped from my hands onto a patio and the screen is shattered. Can’t find a place in the Twin Cities doing screen repairs for this model. May be forced to finally upgrade. My heart may have shattered too. Very,very, vexxed.

Hey MSP folks, @macgenie is trying to organize a Micro Meetup when she’s in town in August. I plan on being there and would love to meet others using this crazy service. Doodle poll for time here.

Just dawned on me that we are leaving for Iceland in 2 weeks. I’d be interested in any suggestions, tips, recommendations, advice, or hullaballoo regarding the mysterious land.

We’ll be staying near Hella but will have a car and plan on day tripping all around the country.

A heads up: I’m going to be posting something of interest for pen AND podcast nerds to later on today. Stay tuned. And, before you kids get too excited: I am not starting a podcast about pen/paper or anything at this time.

Can’t use Wavelength because I have an iPhone 5 (app requires iOS 11) so no microblog hosted podcasting for me.

Micro Monday recommendation: @seansharp

One of the good guys,.

I deeply distrust any app or services that requires a fair amount of costly infrastructure and has a medium sized team yet is still, somehow, “free”. (Recent example:

P.S. If you are not paying for it, you are the product.

Oh, it’s Micro Monday! I generally forget about it until it’s too late but not today!

How about checking out @douglane. A good guy who I’ve conversed with in other spaces as well.

Also, FWIW, we’ll be travelling to Iceland the first week of July so if anyone has reommendations i’ll take them.