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I don’t know if it’s just me but I always get a warm and fuzzy feeling in my gut whenever I stumble upon an interesting blog written by someone who is living their small unknown complex life God-knows-where. I feel connected by our common humanity. We’ll never meet, but I can picture them sitting on their sofa writing on their laptop or using the computer in their kitchen, writing when the kids are asleep, writing in the morning, writing when the first snowfall arrives, writing about their new job, about losing their job, about moving to a new city, about this film they just watched, about their husband who died a few years ago. A blog is a small and beautiful thing and I am grateful it exists.

I love everything about this. Had to quote the whole thing. This. This is what social media isn’t. It was once — back when we were asked “What are you doing right now?” and shared the tedium of our work life and posted pictures of our lunch. That was the sort of ambient intimacy that allowed me to feel like I could really get to know someone. That is what led to many of those online friendships to become actual IRL ones. That is why people turned to it and away from blogging. The combination of being able to post about your small unknown complex life and have conversations about it.

This is, I think what makes Micro.bog so special. It affords the best of both of these worlds. The combination of being able to post about your small unknown complex life on a blog that you own and have conversations with others about it.